Automotive VR Configurator

Marketing & Sales

The challenge

Digital media have radically transformed consumer expectations. Most new car buyers are dissatisfied with the quality of the dealership experience, although it continues to be the preferred point of contact. It is necessary to explore new approaches and open up to new horizons to offer innovative and engaging experiences, much closer to reality than ever before.

The Solution

The idea behind the project is to offer potential buyers the opportunity to have an immersive vehicle configuration experience. This is totally different from the traditional appointment at the dealer because the customer has complete control of the system and can view any changes made in real time in 3D. It is a completely new concept, which solves various logistical problems of dealers and puts the customer at the center of a personalized experience.

The result

The Automotive VR Configurator is a PC and Virtual Reality software that allows users to virtually configure their car. As in any immersive experience, we have studied a specific storytelling to make everything more engaging and emotional. As for the models of the car and all its components, they are faithful to reality, as each design mathematics has been processed to display it in real-time and each material has been recreated respecting the indications of the style center. The potential buyer, after having positioned himself in the dealer VR station created ad-hoc, can then configure every detail such as color, wheels, rim size, etc. making the most of the potential of the 3D dashboard under his eyes. He can also sit virtually inside the car to evaluate the interior design, change the materials, test the infotainment system and even experience the thrill of starting the engine.