we are Dead Pixels

We are a mix of talent, skills and passion

Born in 2016 as an innovative startup among the benches of “Politecnico di Torino”, Dead Pixels has grown rapidly, becoming part of the TPS Group and one of the reference players in the field of innovative Computer Graphics services.


3D digital contents

Our core business is the design of 3D content wich can be interactive or not. The goal is to provide the user with a sensory and immersive experience.

Innovative approach

Our methodologies are innovative. We use the same principles of game design for the development of industrial applications.

Value proposition

Our contribution is valuable. We offer solutions that are never an end in themselves, but with a strong focus on objectives.

Passion in the first place

Our passion makes us to push the boundaries. We like what we do and we put our best efforts into all the areas in which we work.

A large group behind

Born in 1964 in Gallarate, TPS Group today represents one of the most important Italian companies in the offer of technical services aimed at the aeronautical, automotive, defense, Oil & Gas and Ropeways systems industries. With 12 offices in Italy and 4 abroad, Tps Group relies heavily on human resources – today it employs a team of over 500 specialists – and on innovation, investing 3.5% of its turnover each year in research and development.

The seriousness demonstrated in the industrial approach, the shared ethical values ​​and the validity of the corporate control systems led TPS Group to obtain the ELITE certificate from the Italian Stock Exchange in November 2016, which places it among the Italian SMEs of excellence. A few months later, on March 28, 2017, he crossed the important milestone of entering the Italian Stock Exchange, listing on the AIM market. The Group consolidates a turnover of approximately € 37 million and is certified EN 9100, EASA Part 147, D.O.A. (Design Organizational Approval) sub. Part. G and P.O.A. (Production Organization Approval)