Application fields

Digital twin is the virtual duplicate of the product in all of its variants. This model comprehends all the required data to create a realtime representation of the product and its configurations. With the digital twin, all the projectual data are stored in an unified system in order to serve different purposes and to reduce workload.


Immersive training is a digital simulation of a realistic scenario for educational purpose. The student enters a 360° environment, sounds and visual effects break any barrier between virtual and real world. Interaction with tools, machineries and other students or instructors makes the experience more worth and practical.

  • Technical training
  • Military training
  • Medical training

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Product Design

Virtual product design is a digital process which includes a more dynamic and interactive approach to design. The operator immerses himself inside a 360° environment, draws the 3D prototype and interact with his own hands. Then, the model can be saved within the system for future validation and comparation with other solutions in order to achieve better results. This means that further review iterations are simplified using a virtual representation instead of physical ones.

  • Prototyping
  • Style
  • Ergonomics

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Engineering makes wide use of real-time tools for testing phases. Real-time simulations replicate precisely physical behaviours of objects or humans, realistic light conditions or specific weather. A good amount of data is often needed in order to correctly interpret simulation results. Virtual testing allows the automation of these processes and the increase of the customization possibilities due to better parameterization.

  • Technical simulation
  • Autonomous driving tests
  • Remote working

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Marketing & Sales

The implementation of our innovative solutions in marketing strategies allows new interactions techniques with clients and increases brand awareness. Immersive technologies allows brands to engage clients with 360° coverage of their world. Advertising campaings become immersive experiences of a brand or product where the client role is central.

  • Product Configurator
  • Virtual Tour
  • Virtual Showcase ...

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After Sales

After sales services are key features in client relations, our technological solutions make this process easier with powerful data analysis and support management tools. Thanks to the digital twin it is possible to track precisely every operation and validate every step with a detailed report which is fundamental for commercial and maintenance purposes.

  • Data analysis
  • System monitoring
  • Maintenance and support

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