Aerospace Virtual Tour

Marketing & Sales
The challenge

On the occasion of the World ATM Congress, the largest fair dedicated to the world of air traffic, each manufacturer has the opportunity to show their products to the public. In this context, the goal is to attract the greatest number of visitors to its stand with the most spectacular and engaging attractions. The main complexity of these events, despite the size of the stands are large, is the impossibility of showing the products in operation and therefore of guaranteeing a complete experience for visitors.

The solution

To offer visitors an unusual activity, we thought of an immersive experience inside an airport, not from the point of view of a traditional passenger, but from that of a control tower operator. This Virtual Reality solution would have attracted numerous visitors for its strong technological component and for the possibility of carrying out a small maintenance procedure at the foot of one of the air traffic control radars.

The result

Aerospace Virtual Tour is a Virtual Reality experience divided into two parts. The first is an exploratory phase, in which the visitor is in the air traffic control operations room and begins to become familiar with the surrounding environment. Through the selection of the various teleportation points, he has the possibility to move and discover the various stations with the relative devices and tools.
Suddenly an alarm is activated indicating a radar malfunction, which requires a maintenance procedure to return to its correct state. The visitor in this second phase is teleported to the foot of the radar with the task of carrying out the procedure in the shortest possible time. Through a hand tracking system, the user is able to virtually reproduce, step by step, the various operations accompanied by audio, video and haptic feedback to make everything more realistic. At the end of the replacement of one of the boards on the rack, the time taken to complete the procedure is shown.