Oil&Gas VR Trainer

The challenge

More complex systems require continuous updating or specific changes to be functional. For this reason, operators both during installation and maintenance are continuously subjected to training sessions that require field tests even in situations where safety is a crucial factor. These factors impact on the investments that companies must make to keep up with the times.

The solution

Our approach to these issues is to minimize the safety risk while maintaining a high level of fidelity regarding the reproduction of maintenance procedures. By adequately structuring the procedures to be performed, it is also possible to reduce training and evaluation times.

We devised a solution that allowed operators to train in any place 24/7 in order to learn the correct maintenance procedures by repeating the same operations several times.

The result

We have created a guided system for the execution of more or less complex procedures. The experience can be used in Virtual Reality, the best technology for this kind of activity as it completely immerses the user to simulate an operation in the field. Through the controllers it is possible to interact directly with the instrumentation and components involved in the procedure. A text and voice guide, in the form of an avatar, guides the operator through the various tasks to be performed which, if necessary, can also be performed non-sequentially.
The technical documentation necessary for the correct execution of the procedure is easily accessible at any time and is provided in the form of texts, images or videos. At the end of some sections, quizzes have been included to evaluate the student’s learning and the entire experience can be traced while keeping the data obtained for future analysis.