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The implementation of our innovative solutions in marketing strategies allows new interactions techniques with clients and increases brand awareness. Immersive technologies allows brands to engage clients with 360° coverage of their world. Advertising campaings become immersive experiences of a brand or product where the client role is central.

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Our solutions

Our long time experience in realtime technologies applied to marketing allows us to bring to life any type of content for communication purpose. We use the best graphic engines in order to obtain the best quality, indistinguishable from reality. Ray tracing allows realistic reflections, dynamic shadows and global illumination which is not possible with traditional graphic tools. Emotional marketing bases its principles on moods and unconscious triggers of the client to motivate him to purchase, and what better tool than an immersive experience can do this?





Our solutions offers new high impact communications methods which allows the best engagement. New clients will have the possibility to immerse themselves in customized experiences with directed informations, they can interact with the product in real proportions and share their sensations with other people.

Another plus is the scalability of our technology. It is possible to maintain the experience single player and intimate or globally reachable.