Manufacturing Storytelling

Marketing & Sales
The challenge

The Italian manufacturing sector is rich in numerous excellences that are often little recognised, but which represent a large part of the national entrepreneurial fabric. The reason for this lack can also be traced back to the poor outward communication of their production processes and innovative contribution.

The solution

On the occasion of the Tire Technology Expo, the international tire fair, we made a 3D video that describes the entire refinement process of the carbon black, from the transport phase to the mixing. Through this solution, the fair public was able to explore the different production phases in an immersive way, discovering in detail which innovative systems the customer owns the patent for.

The result

The 3D video was a great success during the event, generated a greater influx of people interested in the stand and above all was useful in the presentation of the proprietary solutions. The customer was fully satisfied with the results and recognised the value of the 3D video as a communication tool, which is why the project was expanded to include a fully immersive virtual reality experience.