La Cimbali Virtual Tour

Marketing & Sales
The Challenge

On the occasion of HOST 2021, the Cimbali group, world leader in the design and production of professional espresso coffee machines, presented several innovations in terms of products, services and initiatives for sustainability. The challenge was to create a “phygital” version of the Cimbali stand to allow customers and professionals of the sector to meet in a virtual and face-to-face manner.

The Solution

To allow for a completely digital experience, a virtual stand has been designed, perfectly identical to the physical one, which allows intuitive navigation through the different areas dedicated to the 4 brands of the group with their respective coffee machines and their brand identity.

The result

The Virtual Tour is a web app that can be used from any browser, in desktop and mobile version. In the case of Cimbali, the environment is divided into 4 areas dedicated to the group’s brands, reachable through an immersive navigation in 360 ° scenarios. In each area there are 3D models of coffee machines with photorealistic rendering, highly faithful to the real ones. Each product also offers an interactive context menu that allows the user to access a gallery of photos and videos, and also to read more information through a brochure and data sheet. The development of this application was very fast, as the customer shared the mathematics of the machinery, which were easily integrated into the 3D environment of the virtual stand, through texturing, lighting and rendering.