Innovative technologies

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a computer graphics technology that replaces the real world with a 3D virtual environment.

The user, wearing a VR headset and its controllers, immerses himself in the digital world at 360° through the perception of authentic and realistic sensations.

All this is possible because the headset is internally made up of two displays, one for each eye. In front of the displays there are two lenses that serve to focus and merge the two images, creating a stereoscopic 3D image, which generates the perception of depth.

Key Features

The Virtual Reality systems are equipped with a series of tracking sensors for the movements of the head and hands in space. Using tracking methods it is possible to constantly detect the user’s position and orientation. This allows the processing systems to render the portion of the virtual environment consistent with the user’s movements. Some VR devices offer the ability to track eye movement through infrared sensors. This technique serves to improve depth of field fidelity.