Alfa Romeo Tonale: electrification and technology

Marketing & Sales
The challenge

Tonale, the first Alfa Romeo electrified C-SUV, marks the brand’s metamorphosis. It is the first model to enter the era of electrification while remaining 100% faithful to its DNA of Italian sportiness, thanks to an authentic electrified experience designed to be at the service of the brand and its daring attitude.

The solution

The debut of this new, symbolic model was a great opportunity for the creation of 3D contents with the aim of telling the best of the electrification conceived at the service of the brand and its DNA. But not only that: the brand new ADAS systems with which Tonale is equipped also stand out to ensure maximum safety behind the steering wheel, without sacrificing driving pleasure.

The result

The first video, completely made in 3D, shows the functioning of the 160HP 48V Hybrid VGT propulsion system combined with the 1.5 petrol engine. The car has been stripped of the bodywork and interior to focus attention on the driving heart in the front. The use of visual effects of different colors simplifies the reading of the images: green indicates all the electrified components, while orange indicates the combustion engine ones. The video on ADAS, the new level 2 safety systems with which Tonale is equipped, actually shows the use cases in which the driver will find comfort and control, without distorting the emotion of driving. Some examples are “Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control“, “Lane Centering” and “Traffic Jam Assist” which automatically adjust speed and trajectory, keeping the car in the center of the lane and at a distance from the vehicle in front, thus ensuring safety and comfort.