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Extended Reality XR is generally used to define technologies which bring real and digital toghether. XR offers unlimited potential in any industrail application field and brings a lot of benefits, more safety, better user experience, advanced training and many more.

Every immersive technology is based on realtime 3D, where 3D images are calculated very fast, increasing realism feeling on the user.

Realtime 3D

Realtime 3D is a computer graphics technology that generates interactive contents with such a high speed that it gives the illusion of movement to human perception.

Thanks to technological progress, 3D contents can be rendered in realtime, without having dedicated workstations.

It is a decisive element which, unlike traditional static 3D, allows you to obtain interactive and extremely engaging contents.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a computer graphics technology that replaces the real world with a 3D virtual environment.

The user, wearing a VR headset and its controllers, immerses himself in the digital world at 360° through the perception of authentic and realistic sensations.

All this is possible because the headset is internally made up of two displays, one for each eye. In front of the displays there are two lenses that serve to focus and merge the two images, creating a stereoscopic 3D image, which generates the perception of depth.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a computer graphics technology that overlays digital contents onto the real world.

The user, wearing an AR headset or using his smartphone / tablet, frames the surrounding real world which will be enriched with informations and virtual objects.

All this is possible because AR systems recognize the real environment through cameras and Computer Vision algorithms and superimpose digital elements in a realistic way.

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Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is a computer graphics technology that seamlessly integrates digital content into the real world and makes it interactive.

The user, wearing an MR headset, frames the surrounding real world which is enriched with information and interactive virtual objects.

The interaction takes place directly with the gestures of your hands, without the need for a controller.

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