Lancia Ypsilon EcoChic

Marketing & Sales
The challenge

Since its launch in 1985, Ypsilon has changed the city car segment that has never been the same. It was the first and only one to bring style, elegance and content from a higher segment. 35 years after its debut, the Lancia Ypsilon becomes more attentive to the environment, with the style and elegance that have always distinguished it, and celebrates 3,000,000 units produced with the launch of the new Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic, the hybrid in Lancia style that responds to the new needs of urban mobility.

The solution

The 3D video represents an effective means to tell the new hybrid variation of the Fashion City Car: more sustainable, efficient, accessible, consistent with the style that has made it successful as the most loved car by Italian women. In a few seconds complex concepts are condensed and in line with the Lancia philosophy, without neglecting the innovative elements.

The result

The result is a video in which, through tight editing, visual effects, light beams and shots follow one another with the aim of highlighting the details of the new Lancia Ypsilon. The first seconds are characterized by low ambient light and by lighting effects that draw the shape of the car, underlining the stylish and elegant lines. In the central portion of the video, on the other hand, the headlights turn on and the focus shifts to the identifying elements of the new model. Starting from its elegant dress code inspired by the colors of the sea, thanks to the new Blu Marine and the extremely refined aesthetic finishes, passing through its distinctive signature represented by the new Hybrid badge on the tailgate, and again on the new finishes in Dark Gray, burnished , which feature the lower front grille, the logo holder mustache, the mirror caps, the door handles and the signature logo of the tailgate.