Jeep and Fiat Hybrid

Marketing & Sales
The challenge

FIAT and Jeep, with the new 500X, Tipo, Renegade and Compass models in the Hybrid version, have taken a further step along the path of energy transition and sustainable mobility. The two brands, without distorting their DNA, have thus relaunched the concept of sustainable mobility by offering technological, innovative and accessible solutions, always placing human needs and the benefits that this technology can offer at the center.

The solution

The best way to tell the evolutionary step of the new hybrid systems is certainly to show how they work in different driving situations. Through a 3D video it is possible to simplify complex concepts that are difficult to understand for the non-expert user.

The result

The result is a 3D video in which two models for each brand alternate themself in an urban setting at the beginning and in extra-urban one at the end. The introduction is dedicated to the description of the various elements that make up the hybrid system in order to make the rest of the video simpler to follow. In the second part, on the other hand, all the e-features of the new hybrid systems are contextualized in different driving situations, from parking to acceleration on a straight line. In each of them, the images of the car in a holographic version are accompanied by the words of the speaker and the animations of the instrument panel, thus providing further support for understanding the systems.