Aerospace VR Trainer

The challenge

In the aerospace sector, investments in technical training for pilots and maintenance technicians are considerable. These training courses consist of theoretical sessions but also of many practical lessons where one acts directly on physical pieces or functioning aircraft. Although it is impossible to completely renounce this procedure, the costs and times to be incurred are not negligible, creating discomfort both in the company and in the student.

The solution

The digital contents we produce replace a good part of the training on real life with virtual experiences that faithfully represent even the most complex components and the operations that need to be carried out for correct use and maintenance.

The result

Analyzing the training and maintenance procedures carried out by the operators on the various components of the aircraft, we found that many of these can be replicated in Virtual Reality. Thanks to this technology, the user is immersed in a truthful environment and can experiment and learn the necessary operations safely and without the risk of damaging expensive equipment and components.
Practicing a procedure has never been so immediate, in this way the user can concentrate as much as possible and replicate the experience several times without wasting time. Furthermore, through simple interactions, it is possible to quickly access the necessary technical documentation, whether it is in the form of manuals, images or videos.
Being a software specifically designed for training, the instructor can keep track of the procedures carried out correctly by students and the times they use or can enable aids to graphically show which operation needs to be performed and where.