Ergonomic evaluation tool

Product Design
The challenge

The design of vehicles or machinery that contemplate their use by individuals requires in-depth analysis for the ergonomic design of the product. These analyzes go through lengthy review phases and changes need to be made to allow for further iterations to assess design compliance with ergonomic rules. Physical reproductions of parts of the product and special tools have always been used to more precisely analyze the surfaces and points of view of different percentiles, but this significantly increases the time and costs of these reviews.

The solution

The goal is to minimize the production of physical pieces and the need for live meetings. By replacing mockups and physical tools with 3D digital reproductions, we reduce review times by also adding new analysis possibilities.

Through the virtual environment it is possible to program remote review sessions in which the designers have the opportunity to test all the changes made to the project in person, making new ones if they prove necessary.

The result

Our software allows the seamless import of 3D product designs to evaluate ergonomics in its various aspects. Through Virtual Reality, the user simulates the physical presence in an environment populated by the components to be analyzed. Our solution allows you to cooperate within the software by connecting different users to the same session in order to communicate and interact even remotely on the details to be analyzed.
The features within the software allow you to view different points of view depending on the selected percentile and, through digital reproductions of classic test methods, evaluate the visual ergonomics of the product. For example, the high quality of the graphics engines we use allows us to evaluate the effect of the reflections of the materials used on the end user. Virtual reality and body tracking devices allow you to test physical and cognitive ergonomics while respecting realistic proportions and the use of haptic and visual feedback allows for fast and efficient analysis.