Barilla Retail Ecosystem

Marketing & Sales
The Challenge

In recent years, the entire shopping experience has become increasingly digital. It is now common to shop online, to test a garment directly at home or even through the camera of your smartphone. For this reason, each brand is planning its own idea of ​​virtual shopping.

The Solution

The collaboration with an international brand such as Barilla was born in this direction, strongly marked by innovation and always tied to its traditional principles. Through this synergy it was possible to design digital experiences for both the sales network and the end customer with the aim of respecting communication needs, without ever forgetting the care of every aspect of design and user experience.

The result

The result is a digital ecosystem in which marketing, communication and sales tools gravitate. The first of these is the 360 ​​° Virtual Tour of the Barilla shop, an immersive environment in which all the products with the new packaging and related communication elements are exhibited. Through this tool, the Marketing department evaluates the best arrangement and communicates it to the sales partners. Another solution developed is the Virtual Store, an immersive and interactive ecommerce, in which the customer has the opportunity to make their purchases online by viewing the products with high quality rendering. The third tool is the 3D Shelf Configurator, a useful platform for the Marketing department to analytically compare the different configurations possible on the shelf, taking into account their own products and those of the competitors.