Design collaboration tool

Product Design
The challenge

In an increasingly digital world it is essential to keep pace with the times, taking full advantage of the potential that technology offers us. The prototyping of a car is always a delicate phase, in which times are tight and collaboration is essential to have a constant and profitable comparison. The main problems identified are related to the difficulty of communication between designers and the scarcity of iterations due to too long milling times.

The solution

We imagined a virtual tool that would allow each designer to access a session remotely in order to communicate with their colleagues and interact with the car by modifying it quickly and intuitively.

We create the 3D model starting from the CAD projects provided by the customer to achieve maximum aesthetic and technical fidelity while maintaining high graphic quality

The result

So we have designed and implemented a multi-platform software, usable in a desktop mode and Virtual Reality, for cooperation during the prototyping process. The tool unites multiple users in a shared experience of the same 3D content. Its purpose is to make it easier and faster to communicate in the team and review projects in real time, so you can identify problems and perform many more iterations in less time.

Each participant can access through their avatar to a session of the Design collaboration tool from their PC with mouse and keyboard or with a VR headset and controllers to track the movement of the hands. The software offers a variety of tools to interact runtime with the 3D model of the car without having to wait for any processing. Each participant can edit and move components, change the materials, play explosion animations on the model, see the X-ray pattern and more.