Neverland VR Experience

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The challenge

Cancer patients must undergo many and often painful medical treatments throughout the course of their disease. Children are the ones who suffer the most from this condition. It is therefore imperative to study innovative methods to reduce this discomfort.

The solution

Several studies have shown that distraction during invasive medical procedures is a great way to reduce pain perception. In one study, the behavior of some children who viewed cartoons during painful treatment was analyzed. The results of these studies were highly successful, as cartoon distraction significantly reduced children’s pain.
For this reason we thought that Virtual Reality is perfectly suited for this purpose, it allows a total estrangement from reality and at the same time keeps the mind busy to interact with the virtual world.

The result

Neverland is a Virtual Reality experience whose purpose is to improve the hospitalization period of a cancer patient by offering him moments of relief.

The experience is set in a dreamlike scenario, punctuated by small puzzles and full of big surprises. While the patient is wearing the viewer, the healthcare worker or family member can intervene through the use of a tablet in which the virtual experience is simultaneously visible.