Augmented Reality App

Marketing & Sales
The challenge

The technological context in which we live has accustomed us to obtaining all information regardless of the place and time we need it. Augmented Reality offers the possibility of adding a new level to this type of experience, which is not only usable in any place and 24 hours a day, but can also be explored at 360° on a 1:1 scale.

The solution

We have designed a solution in step with the times, but at the same time easy to read for a target not used to new technologies. The right mix of avantgarde and functionality has us allowed to integrate a traditional system such as the web configurator in a mobile application full of interactive contents.

The result

The Automotive AR Configurator offers customers and potential buyers the possibility of previewing the car model in Augmented Reality by placing it in any place in full scale. Using libraries such as ARKit and ARCore, our configurator allows maximum personalization of the car in AR and the ability to share the newly configured model on social networks. In addition to the configurator, we have dedicated a lot of space to what is normally shown through simple videos. Everything related to the new electric charging systems and safety systems on board the new cars, comes to life in AR through interactive simulations in which the user can “learn” their operation with gamification techniques. It is therefore possible to explore step by step the procedure for charging an electric car in a public column or discover the countless sensors that enable 360° park-view.