Healthcare video production

Marketing & Sales
The challenge

Scientific dissemination represents an important vehicle for spreading knowledge in all fields. In particular, in the Healthcare it is essential to fuel the comparison between professionals. The use of computer graphics videos is essential to support healthcare professionals in explaining complex medical terms and to keep their colleagues well informed about their research activities. In the specific case, the objective of the video is to tell an innovative approach for the improvement and harmonization of the profile and shape of the nose through hyaluronic acid.

The result

The video produced was created starting from the modeling of a woman’s face with some small depressions along the profile of the nose. Then the injections in the different points of the nose were simulated, through virtual animations and finally a layered view of the sub dermis was inserted to show the behavior of the liquid that is distributed to correct imperfections.
The result is an ideal tool for communicating complex concepts in a simple and intuitive way.