Remote tourism

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The challenge

During the pandemic, tourist attractions around the world closed their doors and moved online, offering virtual reality experiences and digital museum tours. This trend was confirmed even after the reopening, confirming the great advantages that technology offers. The first 5G experiments in Italy have granted the opportunity to exploit the potential of Virtual Reality to the maximum, even remotely.

The solution

We have contributed to the creation of a Virtual Reality experience, usable remotely, whose goal is to allow a virtual visit of Piazza Carlo Alberto in Turin. In the experience, visitors, wearing a VR headset, find themselves in a 3D reconstruction of the famous square and can interact with each other and with a tour guide (also in VR) who accompanies them to discover the beauties of the place.
Each is represented by an avatar and it is possible to talk to other people as if they were in the same place, see them move in space and use their hands to point, interact with objects and express themselves. The reconstruction of the square is realistic and detailed; it has been digitally reconstructed using the photogrammetry technique, which allows to obtain a 3D model of an object starting from the acquisition of many images from different points of view. The sense of realism and immersion of the environment gives the virtual visitor the same emotions as being physically there.