Aerospace VR Configurator

Marketing & Sales
The challenge

Companies in the aerospace sector participate in exhibitions, trade shows and, occasionally, reach out to customers for more direct meetings for the sale of their products. During these meetings there is a need to show the aircraft whether it is already in production or still in the design phase. Normally, physical mockups or technical documents are used which in one case involve exorbitant costs while in the other they do not give the best features of the machine.

The solution

Using a digital 3D reproduction it is possible to show any aircraft in production or development.Through careful analysis of production constraints we create a structure for the most faithful possible configuration experience.

The high quality of the graphics engines we use and the models obtained directly from the CAD allow a realistic quality of the product and the emotional environments in which it can be inserted. Finally, the use of Virtual Reality devices allows you to view the experience at 360 ° in all its aesthetic and technical details.

The result

Starting from the models obtained from the technical project provided and optimized, we created a Virtual Reality application to allow the user to explore the aircraft in all its forms. The environment was created to make the experience more exciting and engaging also through the use of VFX and animations. The user is positioned in the correct way for the best points of view but is still enabled to move where they see fit to analyze the desired details.

It is possible to select different aesthetic and technical configurations while maintaining the design constraints defined during the development phase. Some components can be animated to show their real behavior and technical and commercial documentation can be accessed to evaluate the details on the spot. The result of the configuration can be saved for a possible sale proposal or for subsequent market analysis.