Oil & Gas Virtual Tour

Marketing & Sales
The challenge

To celebrate the first 10 years on the stock market of a large multinational company we have been commissioned to design an immersive experience that included these years of creating value through a journey in an oil plant. During the event, the presenter would put on the headset and show his virtual journey to the entire audience on a large screen behind him.

The solution

Through immersive technologies, it was possible to make the public in the audience travel at one of the oil fields of southern Italy without any effort, in a unique and unforgettable way.

The fusion between 3D content and 360° video recorded on site leads us to a versatile solution which is suitable for large events or small presentations.

The result

The Oil & Gas Virtual Tour is a Virtual Reality experience divided into two Virtual Rooms. The first is the Start Room, an ethereal and abstract environment that houses the Stargate, an access portal to the second room, the Molecular Room. This scenario has been realized with the aim of representing the themes of the event: evolution, technology and the future. In this room there are three other Gates, whose interaction with them allows the viewing of as many 360 ° videos: Corporate area, Geographic area and Industrial plant.

In the Corporate area you can find yourself in a large 360 ° cinema on whose screen the company presentation video is projected. In the Geographic area, people are teleported into a multicultural environment to witness the company’s international visibility and recognition. In the industrial plant you get on board an aircraft to fly over one of the gas treatment plants.