3D Shelf configurator

Product Design
The challenge

Retail marketing is drawing more and more attention to the lifestyle that the product represents. To meet high consumer expectations, CPG manufacturers and retailers allocate resources to optimize brand productivity. This involves effort in the validation of the packaging, in the insertion of signs in the store, in the localization of the planogram, etc. But how is it possible to evaluate the various alternatives before allocating resources for their production?

The solution

We studied a solution that would allow an immersive virtual simulation of a store, in which decision makers can preview the concepts results, validate new prototypes and design meaningful shopping experiences, while maintaining high focus on relevant metrics: consumer loyalty, brand profitability and in-store compliance.

The result

3D Shelf configurator is a PC software for CPG manufacturers and retailers. Through this tool it is possible to use a completely new approach in the composition of an exhibition space. The user can in fact configure the shelves in an optimal way, selecting the number of products to be inserted, the distance between one product and another and their orientation. It is also possible to compare two alternative configurations of the same shelf to allow a single glance evaluation of the best solution.
This application offers the possibility to make decisions in a more informed way because it reproduces in a realistic way what will be present in a store; moreover, through this tool, manufacturers and retailers can compare the 3D model and view any changes in real time, reducing time and costs.